Management of Family Payables
and Receivables

Every client engagement at Andrew Carnegie Capital includes the participation of our in-house tax consultants who verify compliance with all tax rules, regulations, accounting and record policies. Our innovative technology includes software and systems that track and pay income and invoices with minimal cash flow interruptions. Our technology allows our clients to see:

unified and easy-to-read reports of all deposits and invoices against deposits.

preparation and filing of 1099’s as needed.

management of 3rd party services, billing, and payment.

clerical record keeping with automated updates for addresses and other changes.

Family Financial Reporting

High net worth individuals and their families benefit from the same level of financial reporting that supports businesses. We prepare custom reporting solutions for our clients to help better inform of their spending, investment, and philanthropic decisions. Our reports can provide:

both a global overview of family finances and granular-level detail of all income and liabilities;

automatic interfaces with banking and investment accounts, and summaries for tax-filing purposes;

project cash flow analysis and simulations to enhance decision-making.

Legal and Tax Compliance Services

Clients with assets in multiple states or other political jurisdictions face compliance challenges every time any one of those jurisdictions amends its tax rules and regulations. We utilize our deep local expertise to monitor tax and other regulatory compliance amendments where they might affect our clients, and we help clients to respond with optimum resolutions. Our services include:

preparation of audited reports for all classes and forms of taxpaying entities;

tracking of asset basis for capital gains determinations;

tax projections for different income and asset management options;

personal property claims, and sales and use tax returns.