Family Office Dynamics Can
Be Sidetracked By Groupthink

Family office dynamics can be sidetracked by groupthink that obscures opportunities and risks that might otherwise be apparent to third parties. Andrew Carnegie Capital Family Office Advisory Services add an independent layer of oversight to prevent runaway internal momentum from adversely affecting family office decisions. Our family office advisors offer objective perspectives on estate and tax matters, investment goals and strategies, and transfers of generational wealth. Our clients look to our family office consultants for advice on:

asset allocations, balance, and asset class and industry diversification;

liquidity, cash flow, retirement, and health care planning;

development of benchmarks to measure the effectiveness of family office structures;

integration of environmental, social, and corporate governance goals into family wealth planning.

Our Advisors Avoid Default Choices
In The Formation Of Family Office Corporate Structures.

Our advisors avoid default choices in the formation of family office corporate structures. LLC or partnership structures might be ideal for some family offices, but as those offices become more complex, they are inevitably better served with a structure that reflects their increasing complexity. We advise family offices on how to create alternate corporate structures and holdings in order to optimize tax and growth benefits. These services are applicable to all family offices, including everything on the spectrum from new startups to longstanding family office entities.

We advise family offices with respect to:

Auditing and recapitalizing existing structures.

Revising board membership and governance.

Interfacing with tax and legal functions.

Issuing reports to all family office members.