Andrew Carnegie Capital gives clients the opportunity to bring all financial functions under one umbrella. This is critical for tax and regulatory compliance, which rely on
accurate data and reporting from all parts of the client’s operations.

A Client-Based Approach

Andrew Carnegie Capital devotes a team of wealth managers to each client account. That team works as a unit to identify and analyze the assets that will best serve the clients goals and strategies. We not only create a portfolio that is as unique as you are, but we utilize tax advantaged strategies, risk management, and asset and industry diversification, all with sufficient transparency to facilitate measurement against standard benchmarks.

Our clients have direct and immediate access to senior wealth managers and advisors who are directly responsible for the client’s account and success. We use our size and independence to stay as nimble as possible to minimize costs and tax erosion of our clients’ portfolios. Notwithstanding our size and independence, we offer the same or better access to all of the modern technologies that large institutional advisory firms utilize. We do our own in-house research, analysis and perform thorough due diligence before recommending any asset or strategy to a client.