Accounting And Tax Services

Management Of Payables
And Receivables

Accounting And Tax Services

Our in-house tax and accounting expertise expedites the processes of:

Data gathering and preparation and filing of all tax notices and returns.

Tracking historical tax liabilities along with tax cost and basic information.

Archiving all data records in searchable formats.

Participating in audits and defenses of tax returns.

Estimating distributions and the tax effects of changes in asset holdings.

Preparing and auditing balance sheets and profit-and-loss statements.

Analyzing cash flow and estimating future cash flow and income.

Interfacing with third-party service providers for accounting services.

Management Of Payables And Receivables

The administration and management of a client’s payables and receivables can quickly overwhelm an internal staff and distract from the client’s concentration on its core purposes. In addition to verifying the legitimacy of all invoices and coordinating efforts with the client’s accounting team, Andrew Carnegie Capital’s billable and payable services will enable the clients to:

Track and match orders for goods or services with invoices;

Record deposits and payments, and populate that information into other data reporting systems.

File all federal and state tax forms for payments to vendors and service providers.

Manage the client’s payroll function and related payments of employment taxes.