Andrew Carnegie Global Capital Ltd “Andrew Carnegie Capital” was founded on a principle of employee ownership that ensures its durability and long-term viability. Most foundations are founded on similar principals.

Individuals and organizations create foundations to sustain the institutions and causes that they support over multiple generations. Andrew Carnegie Capital wealth advisors understand and appreciate that motivation and craft financial services and advice to best serve each of our client’s purposes.

Andrew Carnegie Capital offers the same in-depth research, analysis, and investment services that foundations will find at large institutional investment firms. Our difference is that we craft unique investment solutions for each of our foundation clients that provide assurances of the foundation’s existence over a period of many years with a financial plan that fully coincides with the foundation’s philosophies and charitable purposes.

Determining if Andrew
carnegie Capital is Right for You

Many clients may have goals and needs that do not fully align with Andrew Carnegie Capital employee-owned culture. Our advisors have identified unique characteristics and demands embodied by clients that rely on our wealth management services:

Personalized Service

Clients are looking for a higher level of personal service and personalized solutions than they have received from other institutional wealth management firms;

No Premiums

Clients are tired of paying high dollar premiums to remain working with the same wealth advisor(s) for a period of many years;

Responsive Architecture

Clients want wealth management expertise that maintains a high level of professional services within a structure that is responsive to rapid changes and requirements;


Clients seek innovative financial advice and services that take advantage of modern technology and global investment opportunities.

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