Accounting And Tax Services

Andrew Carnegie Capital offers both in-house and third-party expertise to managing commercial and residential investment properties held within a family office structure, including undeveloped land, current development projects, and existing buildings that generate income and long-term capital appreciation. Our advisors maintain relationships with dedicated property management firms in all major markets to serve the needs of our property investment family office clients. We assist family offices to:

Establish billing and service relationships with utilities.

Identify contractors and maintenance personnel, and form relationships with those personnel for constriction and management of projects;

Invoice and collect rents, and pay finance entities and service providers;

Track and compare the financial performance of real estate assets against each other and other real estate holdings in local markets.

Management Of Payables And Receivables

Family wealth management needs to be a joint effort across all generations that participate in a family office structure. Too often, power and authority are focused on one generation with little opportunity for succeeding generations to gain the knowledge and experience to continue the family’s legacy. Our family office wealth advisors offer recommendations to bring multiple generations together to assure the continuity of a family legacy for several successive generations, with services that include:

Programs to educate and instill good governance practices among incoming family office participants.

Tracking and recording of family office history.

Generation-specific management recommendations to pass institutional knowledge through multiple generations;

Consistent philanthropy and charitable giving goals that address all family office concerns.

Privacy Technology Solutions

One crack in a family office’s technology systems can lead to a loss of privacy and identity that may require years to recover. Andrew Carnegie Capital’s technology solutions place our client’s online privacy first, with tools that monitor potential technology encroachments and that create a state-of-the-art cybersecurity blanket over all electronic commerce conducted within the confines of a family office. Among other innovations, we offer:

Dedicated private email servers in silos that are operated apart from financial communications.

Online privacy and reputation monitoring, credit score maintenance and review, and full identity theft protection and cybersecurity insurance services.

Round-the-clock cybersecurity emergency services to limit damage from DDoS and other cyberattacks.


Proper family office structure often combines the business of wealth management and creation with the joy of smooth family office day-to-day operations. We can integrate family office wealth services with:

The ownership and operation of private aircraft and yachts.

Maintenance and appraisal of fine art, curated collections of antiquities, wine, and other investment-level collectables;

Financing arrangements for different personal asset classes.

Prenuptial agreements, separation decrees, and other agreements that address interpersonal relationships.

Preservation and maintenance of historical records and documents.