Andrew Carnegie Capital Relies on Innovation
for Client Services

Andrew Carnegie Capital has maintained its independence for the entirety of its existence. Our tightly-knit partnership oversees all aspects of our services for our clients with an eye toward always meeting our clients’ needs first. We do not answer to corporate oversight from a distant headquarters office and we maintain close relationships with every one of our more than 300 clients. We attract and retain the highest level of professional wealth advisors who are fully vested in our corporate structure and philosophy.

Foundations are rightly concerned over the emphasis on innovation that has fostered the creation of investment products like derivative securities; these ultimately serve the interest of the wealth advisor(s) more than goals and strategies of the clients. Andrew Carnegie Capital avoids this form of innovation, in favor of ideas and technology that serve the client’s needs before all. An example of such a technology is our novel, proprietary single-account holding systems that were developed to reduce client costs and to provide enhanced reporting and analysis services within the context of each client-advisor relationship.

Implicit Advantage of Size

Andrew Carnegie Capital avoids growth for growth’s sake. We maintain a size that gives us the best opportunities to provide a complete milieu of financial services to our clients without the overhead costs that many larger firms must absorb. We utilize technology to our clients’ advantage to provide research and due diligence that larger family offices cannot offer. We always designate one or more senior wealth advisors to each client relationship. Those advisors develop a holistic understanding of the client’s goals and purposes. Our institutional ties sustain and serves client relationships, and enhance long-term client relationships with our institutional partners.

Andrew Carnegie Capital Institutional Focus on Impact and Environmental, Social and Governance Investing Coincides with Foundation
Mission Statements

Andrew Carnegie Capital was one of the first wealth management firms to recognize the power of impact and ESG investing. We have expanded our involvement in the impact and ESG space and we anticipate that we will continue to provide leadership and advice for our clients who desire to allocate their investment dollars among the assets that will have a positive effect on people and the environment. Our clients are uniquely sensitive to the investment footprints they leave behind.

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