Family Offices Have Their
Roots In The Family Trusts

Third-Party & Outsourced
Chief Investment Officer

Family Offices Have Their
Roots In The Family Trusts

Family offices have their roots in the family trusts that were established in conjunction with the modern industrial age. As family wealth began to be derived from more diversified sources, families realized that they would need professional structures and processes to manage their wealth. Like all of Andrew Carnegie Capital’s services, our family office solutions are unique and are designed to serve the individual needs of each of our clients. We combine our proprietary technology and innovations with the best of We give our clients an opportunity to receive multiple alternative family office investment services.

Third-Party and Outsourced Chief
Investment Officer Services

Our outsourced CIO services provide one-point oversight of family office investments. This structure provides assurances of a uniform investment strategy that follows the contours of a family’s wealth management plan. A family office CIO can:

Prepare and implement strategic, tactical, and advisory investment solutions.

Coordinate the efforts of Andrew Carnegie Capital advisory team with family office management;

Draft investment policy mission statements;

Manage team dynamics to reduce conflicts and to foster unified efforts.