Full family buy-in for all financial
planning and modeling

We understand family dynamics and the tensions that can arise when finance and asset management are at issue. We assist all of our high net worth clients and their families to understand the goals and strategies that we help them to define. We gain unanimous support for wealth management plans by making them transparent and by demonstrating how plans will provide maximum benefits to successive family generations. We routinely encourage:

input and feedback from all family members.

team retreats and planning conferences to review and modify wealth management plans.

maintenance of records of all family decisions, and analyses of the results of those decisions.

Concierge family services

Andrew Carnegie Capital appreciates that its clients want to enjoy the fruits of their financial efforts with higher end assets, such as luxury vehicles, yachts, wine collections, and artwork. Our concierge services help our clients to manage these assets without the maintenance obligations that often accompany them. As a Andrew Carnegie Capital client, you will have access to:

brokerage and consulting services for private aircraft and sea vessels.

appraisal and assessment services for collections.

loan and financing services for large purchases.

asset ownership allocation consulting for prenuptial agreements and marriage dissolutions.

coordination of efforts with legal advisors, CPA’s, and other personal.

Commercial and Residential Investment
Real Estate Management

Our real property management services encompass raw property development, current construction projects, and established commercial and residential properties. We coordinate efforts with contractors, on-site managers, and brokers to derive optimum returns from each project with hand-off benefits to the project’s ownership. Among other services, we provide.

interfacing with utility companies and other service providers.

billing, payment and cash management tracking services.

record-keeping for eviction support.

full review and verification of contractor claims and management of mechanic’s liens.