One of our many innovations in the
integration of investments

One of our many innovations in the integration of investments into multiple asset classes under a single account. Our proprietary platform enables clients to see their entire portfolio with substantially reduced tax and fee structures, and enhanced control over asset balance and allocation. Our clients experience:

reduced custodial fees and expenses through our negotiated rates.

comparison of tax effects in “what if” scenarios.

full coordination of advisory efforts among all members of the investment team assigned to each client.

fewer surprises associated with capital calls and other demands that private equity investments can pose.

simplified account statements with associated tax reporting and physical or electronic statement delivery.

Proprietary Reporting Solutions

Clients benefit from our technology innovations with performance reports and statements that are easy to understand but also sufficiently detailed to present a full picture of the client’s portfolio in a single glance. As with all of our services, reports can be customized to show how assets are performing in relation to each other, and how personal wealth management and creation ranks against standard indexes and benchmarks. Our proprietary platform gives you:

immediate access to your advisory team and all data that feeds your investment strategies.

customized reports and performance comparisons.

historical data and records, including cost and tax basis.

tracking of environmental, social, and governance standards.

Environmental, Social, and
Governance Investing

Andrew Carnegie Capital’s wealth advisors were among the earliest adopters of strategies that allocate assets into investment products that serve environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. The value of the assets that we have under ESG impact investment strategies has almost doubled in the past few years alone. We respect our clients’ desires to do well while their investment assets are providing a common good.

analyze each asset for ESG compliance.

create ESG cores to give clients a quick overview of an asset’s impact.

include ESG impact statements ion their own portfolio plans as well as the plans of the clients that they serve

encourage shareholder engagement in all major corporate decisions that have an ESG effect.