General Foundation Support Service

Short-term investing for immediate returns requires little or no planning, which is why short-term mentalities do not serve generational wealth creation goals. Andrew Carnegie Capital incorporates long-term goals and investment strategies in every client engagement, and we use that plan to:

make financial projections that guide plan revisions;

verify sufficient income into retirement and long-term care;

ensure diversification along asset classes and industry sectors;

establishing budgets and funds for higher education.

Board Composition and Corporate
Governance Services

We understand the importance of your legacy and your desire to transfer your wealth to your heirs with minimum tax implications. Our advisors will structure an estate plan that accomplishes these goals, and will then regularly monitor that plan to verify that it is meeting expectations with minimum tax liabilities.

Your estate plan involves more than just instructions on transferring your property. That plan should also address your desires for health care services and charitable legacies. Moreover, it should be flexible enough to allow modification in the face of changing tax and estate laws.

coordination with legal advisors;

administration of tax and estate plans;

trust management and fiduciary trustee services;

succession planning; multi-generational gift strategies.

Insurance, Cyber-Security, and
Risk Management

Foundations are subject to the same risks, and under some circumstances, greater risks than individuals and other entities. Cybersecurity experts see an increase in attempts to breach electronic systems managed by foundations. Anyone of these growing risks can wipe out a foundation’s asset base and eliminate the benefits that the foundation seeks to provide.

cash flow and capital sufficiency analysis;

personal income and expense statements;

liquidity projections;

full scale risk management assessments for property, casualty, and business-related incidents;

medical insurance and health savings account analyses.